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Material Development & Publication

Our materials facilitate classroom learning. They are designed in ways that can be used parallel to chapters/topics of the textbook. They are used widely by teachers, initially only in West Bengal, and gradually, travelled to other parts of the country. These materials can also be used by children independently.

Our materials are low cost. We try to use diverse substance and things used in daily life, not only to make it interesting for children, but also so that teachers can make the materials themselves. For some, we have developed on ideas that we learned, others have been developed by our team.

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Names of people who have inspired us

We would like to thank the following organizations and people for deeply influencing us:

  • Jodo Gyan
  • Pratham
  • NCERT books
  • Subir Bhattacharya
  • Swati Sircar
  • Prof. Jalaluddin
  • Malini Mukhrejee
  • Sandip Bandopadhayay
  • Uma Maheshwari

What We Do

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Need based Training Programs for Teachers

material Development

Material Development

Low cost supplementary learning material for children



Learning Programs on Class & Organization Management



Open access to books and material for children