Open Library Space

Shikshamitra has a library that serves children in the local community of our current office. Children of age group 8 to 16 come every Saturday. There is open access to books and material for all children. It is an open time for them to explore.

The library is a free space designed in a way which enables room for varied activities. Books are shelved in movable bookshelves; the shelves are on wheels for flexible manipulation of its arrangement. Sometimes they are placed as dividers. Children look forward to the library because of its openness, colours, easy access to books and puzzles, to find their art works displayed around and plenty of warmth. There is also a range of diverse books, selected over time. They are mostly in Bengali and English. Recently a handpicked collection of Hindi books have been added too. They range from picture books, early reading to literary novels. You may find a list of suggestive books here.

Our imagination of a library is synonymous to a learning space. It is not a conventional library. Although we believe that books are an integral part of it, we also feel that there are other pathways, through art, films, and other modes of exploration that lead to holistic exposure, simultaneous to school education. What we primarily ensure is that children stay well.

We have always tried to keep in mind the spirit of five laws propounded by Dr. S R Ranganathan

  • Libraries serve humanity
  • Libraries respect all forms by which knowledge is communicated
  • Libraries use technology intelligently to enhance service
  • Libraries protect free access to knowledge
  • Libraries honour the past and create the future

Saturday Library FOCI


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We thank the following for their support and cooperation in so many ways

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