Who Are We?

Developing alternatives for learning

Every child has her or his own individual way of learning, expressing, and assimilating knowledge. Hence, learning methods must differ according to the needs of each child. The single curriculum for all students, as has been the trend in India, has often failed to engage the full spectrum of learners within the education system and many often end up falling out.

Since its inception in 2005, Shikshamitra has worked towards assimilating education with a larger vision of society, emphasizing creativity and equal respect for both humans and the natural environment.

We have run an alternative school, conducted training workshops, published materials that make learning enjoyable and pertinent, and set up a library space for local children. Following the closure of our school, we emerged as a training center and a library, experimenting with teaching and learning strategies that develop a child’s full self, rather than focus only on textual learning. As an open learning platform and resource center, Shikshamitra works as an institution that seeks to share its knowledge and experience with children and educators (teachers, parents, guardians) struggling to achieve the age appropriate mandate for 8-16 year olds through hands-on learning.

Currently we work as an education resource organization with a heavy emphasis on training teachers. Our training focus is on languages (Bengali and English), art, mathematics and library arts. Closely aligning with teacher training, we are also into material development, publishing, organizing need-based short courses and consultation.

Our office is currently located within the Her Future Coalition building, and we are one of six non-profit organizations participating in this unique co-working space in the Shobhabazar area of Kolkata. We continue with our own work and whenever possible we cooperate with other organizations to help them achieve their goals, and vice-versa.

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